Package Design

Retailers face a lot of challenges these days. It seems that if you run a business and have a product that you need people to buy into you need to be innovative and creative enough to grab the attention of your customers at first glance. The average customer does not get to experience the quality or functionality of your products before making a purchase. Consumers buy with their eyes. Most marketers know how powerful presentation or packaging can be to drive sales, even for the most inane thing on the market.

Product manufacturers and marketers need to ensure that they can pique some interest during thatone-second time frame it takes take to skim the shelf and create the in consumers to pick up the product and head out to the checkout counter. Package design extends beyond the clever construction of boxes but we can create walking billboards from simple shopping bags. The point to all this is that there is no material that cannot be re-imagined and designed.

So what is package design…?

Simply put, package design is a field that combines graphics and container designs in a creative way. Containers may range from boxes to containers made from materials like plastic, canvas and other materials.

Creativity is a skill that is required but in addition to that a package designer needs to know the product, the consumers to create a design that will hold up long enough. To get the best package designs one has to employ structural engineering aspects into the design and make sure that they show off the graphic images on the container.


We pride ourselves for having an integrated collaborative design process that integrates creative thinking and innovation. Our team is constantly monitoring the industry and with knowledge comes foresight that might be needed to overcome some aesthetic or structural hurdles that may arise during the process. Our holistic approach enables us to harness various talents in our creative pool whose main focus will be to deliver creative and the package designs.

Our Mission as a service provider

We are a company built by creative people who have made it their mission to help businesses find innovative ways to put their products on the market. Package design as a marketing tool has been evolving. We are at an age where a box is not merely a box but a tool for expression. To ensure that the design conveys the right expression we employ a collaborative way of conducting business with our clients. You can think of us as an extension of your brand. This is important because the degree of commitment that goes into the creation of unique packaging designs is what a business would require of heir marketing and branding departments. We have a wide range of graphic design programs, are well versed and experienced with the technical aspects of packaging design and have forged relationship within the industry to allow us access to those things that are widely available.

Packaging design process

The process starts with a request to package a product to appeal to a specific niche. The design is rendered on paper and then presented as a 3D form. There might be more than one 3D depiction. In some instances Communication is an important factor and we establish lines and methods of communication with clients. Knowing what the customer wants and being in contact as we move the project from one step to another helps us in utilizing time more effectively and allocating resources where they are most needed. This division of our company is a stand-alone department but it can access the best creative minds within the company.

When we say we can deliver on a specific aspect then the customer can be assured that we will deliver on the look and feel that supports the vision and the brand promises. The graphics are just as important as the structure of our packages.

By communicating and working with our customers we ensure that the design is smooth, flawless and will meet the desired end-user experience.

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