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Photographs capture objects but more importantly they capture the unspoken and unseen feelings that the photographer has when engaging with a subject. That is a romanticized version of what photography is but the truth is closer to that version especially for those people who take photography as an art form. There is however an element of imperfection that comes through unintended that does not require endless retakes. As much as we would like images to remain as original as possible, there is something that can be done to perfect every image in post-production. It has become easier to manipulate digital photographs. The process of image enhancements is a complex area that involves retouching specific areas in a photograph to make the overall picture look as perfect as it can be.

Photo enhancement processes can be used to recreate or correct color or perspective, enhance the way a subject looks by adding or removing defective or unwanted areas in the image. Color enhancement and balancing play a major role but before you start fiddling with color contrast and balancing tools you need to have a clear idea of what “perfection” entails. The most common Desktop publishing tool; used is Photoshop but creativity is the major requirement in enabling the best enhancement of images.

A photo enhancement service provider should have more to offer than just the use of Photoshop but it should be able to provide customers with different techniques but more importantly, a customers should be able to rest easy knowing that they have left their artistic masterpiece with in the hands of people who understand the creative process that goes into creating images, as well as people who respect deadlines and place a high price on quality.

Some of the services that are offered with photo enhancement include

  • The addition or removal of unwanted objects from the photograph
  • Removal of details like stains, creases or scratches
  • Restoring missing objects of photos
  • Applying and correcting color in your images
  • Accentuating details that make your image stand out
  • Correcting color shifts that come as a result of age or incorrect exposure
  • Restoring color to faded tones to return the image to what it looked like originally
  • Combining multiple images to create a single image
  • Transforming black and white images to duo or tri-tones and converting such pictures for a more dramatic effect
  • Correcting blurry images
  • Enhance sharpness, contrast, and brightness
  • Retouching of images faded by age and correcting distortions and glows where they are supposed to be there
  • Removal of the red-eye effect in photos as well as shadows and objects that shouldn’t be in the captured image

Photo or image enhancement services should make pictures more appealing and more attractive than the original one. It shouldn’t matter how old an image is to effectively enhance how it looks. With Photo enhancement services your images with have a higher level of quality and better resolution than the previous versions.

A serious photographer or graphic artist knows that quality starts with the equipment and technique but these don’t always work out as great as they should which makes Photo enhancement services necessary. For instance sharpness or clarity of details is one of the important aspects in photo editing. Sharpness is limited by the camera and the apparatus to magnify images that are being viewed from a distance. The best photographs and images became great as a result of great enhancement techniques.

Photo enhancement service providers follow these steps:

  • White Balance- This involves temperature and tint adjustment
  • Exposure – compensating exposure and balancing out the highlight shadows
  • camera equipment right to avoid, distortion and chromatic aberrations
  • Detail –To get the right interpretation of the image, a photo enhancement service should know everything there is to know about image sharpening and whether they need it or not to enhance their services
  • Refining the image by adjusting the color and focusing at other enhancements
  • Resizing – sometimes resizing can cause distortion. A great enhancement tool to keep the image in tact regardless of the enhancements that occur as a result of resizing
  • Sharpening your Output – enhancing has to enable your subject matter to translate on different screen, in print, etc. well without any tampering.

Software requirements for image enhancements include; Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro and Microsoft Digital Image Suite. A professional will be able to enhance your images using these or other programs.

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