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Portrait photography has grown to be the most popular type of photography. We can blame that on the rise of social media and the social malady known as selfies. Why would anyone say selfies are maladies? They are that because any one with a camera smart phone can shoot one. They have changed the landscape and reduced the need for photographic studios offering portrait services. Selfies might be killing the art of portrait photography but they are still a long way off from undermining the importance of a great photograph.

In the olden days portraits were taken in certain environments like background-less studios or studious with terrible painted backgrounds. Portrait photography should ideally bring something out from the client but sometimes the light would not be right and the makeup might translate differently on film, this is why image editing offered with portrait services is so important. With image editing software you can do a lot more like make up for the lack of adequate lighting, tone the colors up or down or every-which-way you may need to for a perfect shot.

Things you may need to know about portrait photography;

1.Character and subject/

In portrait photography every face has an individual character but that character can be shown in a different way. Most portrait photographers work in the wedding industry where one wedding is never the same as the last or the upcoming one. A photographer can decide to focus on the bride and groom in relation to what surrounds them or the photographer can bring in the surroundings and make them relate to the bride and groom. It is a tricky thing, which requires someone with a creative mind who sees more through a lens than any normal digital camera brandishing person out there.

In the postproduction stage of the portrait services offered by some photographers, there is a lot of work that goes into enhancing elements. As a photographer you can play around with colors and textures and ensure that the subject blends in well with the surrounding or vice versa.

2.Angles and poses

Portrait photographers should always play around with angles and poses. Sometimes the person who has to move is the photographer and not the subject. Try different things and see how the composition of images varies from angle to angle and pose to pose. Have fun with it, this way your subject becomes easier to direct and you get the most work done.


The lighting conditions will affect your final product. For instance, if the background light is too bright it might overpower the subject. Furthermore, direct flash can cause overexposure so be mindful of the lighting you use as well as the need of flash photography. Shadows aren’t always bad especially if they fall at an angle that enhances the picture; so don’t be quick to erase all shadows with a flood of lights.

4.Location, location, location

Every photographer who specializes in portrait servicesalready knows how important the background can be. Some photographers choose to offer standard studio portraits with no background whilst others provide a green screen effect against which a subject can be superimposed without needing to actually be there. A good portrait photographer will look for great spots in the world to do this and might want to collect images of such places to use as backdrops. Sometimes, though, locations are easily accessible and it might be better to take pictures from these accessible spots. You will need to enhance, change, superimpose, crop cut out, airbrush or do a myriad of other things that will be best done by a portrait servicesprofessional.

To understand the need for portrait photography being done professionally, you need to compare one man’s profile on Facebook as well as his profile on LinkedIn. They should be different because the platforms on which they are posted are used for different things. One is purely personal and the other for professional reasons. This is why you need to think of portraiture as more than just an act of pointing or posing and shooting but a serious creative process with an end result that not only can be attractive but also can be magical.

To the selfie addicts – there is more to “pose, pout and hold”. The effort of portraiture might be on the face and facial expressions but there is so much that you can say with your face and so much to be gained by taking a couple of real headshots from a professional photographer who has or can access digital enhancements to make you look as great as you’ll ever look or you can take your photos to a digital enhancement company that offers special portrait services.

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