360-Degree Image Light Spin-Stop Motion Capture Editing

360-degree light spin stop motion images with frozen instants-on-time movements that creates images like a droplet of water which seems frozen in mid action as the camera moves around it was something that was attributed to the movies. It is the same technique that allows audiences to see the movement of a bullet from the gun, traversing in slow motion creating what looks like air ripples.

People thought for a long time that either moving the camera around the object or moving the object around the camera created spinning images. For the most part, we were all confused and could only think of he process as some elaborate positioning of cameras taking pictures of the same object from various angles and having them edited to produce the final product. There are different techniques that can be employed to achieve a 360-degree spinning image. The light spin motion imaging requires a number of cameras synchronized to take pictures of a subject from different angles. The technique was created on the philosophy of cubism and was made popular by Eric Paré.

Creating 360-degree image light spin-stop motion images

When it comes to photography, professionals often talk about the importance of knowing your level of creativity and recognizing that photography is an art form. Those who dabble in 360-degree light painting photography use light and their cameras to paint pictures a well as create special effects that could not be created before.

Bullet time photography

There is a technique called bullet time photography, which has made professional photographers, like Eric Parélegends in the world of photography. They all started with aligning cameras and setting them to snap their designated area or angle simultaneously to create an image that looks like it had been suspended in time just like they do it in the movies. Scenes where a subject is surrounded by a kaleidoscope of light or seems to weave an invisible wand of light aren’t images that can only be created by some elaborate CGI technique. Photographers or visual artists (as some prefer to be called) have pushed the boundaries of what can be done with a digital camera.

What you need

The process of 3600 image light spin-stop motion capture editing requires creativity and an in-depth knowledge of desktop software. Photographers who want to create the bullet-time technique need a couple of cameras taking simultaneous images from different angles. That is easy enough, the next step involvescolor balancing so that the final product looks like the image was taken by a single camera. In addition to sequencing and color balancing there is a degree of stabilization that needs to be done as well as connecting images or stitching them to together to create one single image. To ensurethat there is fluidity in the shots you will need to use morphing software. If you are new to the technique or just need to make your images look as amazing as any visual artist like Eric Paré then you might need to contract the services of a company that not only has the software but has the right mix of creativity and technical knowledge to help you create spectacular 360-degree image light spin-stop motion images.

Why you need to outsource

Although the whole concept of light spin-motion techniques sounds complicated and time consuming, it is a technique that is worth learning if you are planning to be a master photographer. There are few people who know what the technique entails and what can be done when light is used as a paintbrush and the camera an extension of the hand that creates light spin-stop images. The finished product is almost always spectacular and other worldly. There are thousands of people and companies who promise to be god at editing such pictures but less than half of them know enough to deliver quality photos. In their defense, this technique is relatively new and most people stumble upon it by chance which means there is little information out there, it requires a certain kind of boldness, a deep understanding of the art of photography. You can always outsource your desktop publishing work but only make sure that you are outsourcing to a company that understand the theoretical and practical aspects of 360-degree image light stop motion capture editing.

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