Image retouching

There has been a lot of controversy over the subject of Image Retouching. The camera was regarded to be the most honest way to capture a real and true image. The camera was supposed to preserve a moment in truth but these days truth is subjective. The use of digital cameras and the evolution of software programs created to manipulate, enhance or retouch images have extended the possibilities for photographers to capture and manipulate images. Image Retouching software like Photoshop; have made it easier for photographers to present the best postproduction image that is more appealing.

How far Image Retouching can go

Image Retouching programs can do more than add colors, smooth out creases or hide blemishes. They have been used in beauty shots to correct make-up flaws, add or remove eyelashes, remove scars and tattoos or add them and whole host of other things that can radically change an image from what it is to what the photographer or the person working with the image needs it to be. The big debate has been in how computer programs can distort the truth.

Unfortunately sometimes the truth needs to be dressed up if an image is created with the intention of selling a product or idea. These days every image that appears in magazines, commercials, and billboardshas been retouched. Retouching involves much more than just covering a pimple, it can be as significant as moving an entire face and superimposing it on someone else’s body.

Photo retouching software programs

Photo retouching software programs are used to enhance images but when working on portraits, it is easy to go overboard and end up with an image that looks unreal. The aim should not be to change everything to a point where the original image gets lost in the process otherwise it would just be easier to create the images you want by ripping off parts from images floating on the web. It would be like creating a comic by cutting, pasting and then re-editing the picture to make all the fake elements look like they were originally on one image. Some people actually do this but those people who know what digital Image Retouching is about understand the need to have some semblance of reality.

There are a lot of software programs on the market; most are customized for use on portraiture. Typically what they do is to slim faces, remove blemishes and pimples, enhance facial features, whiten teeth, deepen smiles, apply makeup and go as far as reconstructing certain parts of the face.

The best programs should fulfill the following criteria:

Ease of Use

Image Retouching software should be easy to use and enable users to enhance images in batches to save time. It should give you a preview option to see the before and after image as changes are being made. A software program that can automatically detect features will also help speed up retouching process. The ability to customize settings will be useful for quick retouching conditions.

Enhancement Features

Enhancement tools on a photo retouching software program are important. They can range from image color enhancement and skin tone improvement features to a glam layer that enables the user to do things like whiten teeth, deepen smiles and reconstruct parts of the face like the cheekbones, lips and nose.

Al in all there arefive essential features that a great image enhancement program should have.

1.A makeup application feature that allows the use to apply make-up to enhance certain features.

2.Photoshop plugin

Every person who has worked in image editing lives and breathes Photoshop. It’s the one program that hold most desktop publishing applications together which is why it makes sense to have a plugin that syncs the image retouching program with Photoshop.

3.Face slimming feature

This is useful for portraits. It not only makes the face look slimmer but it makes the facial features appear to be more proportional

4.Teeth whitening

There is something special about white glistening teeth on a photograph and a feature that corrects discoloration of the teeth is very helpful

5.Automatic detection feature

This feature negates the need to keep telling the program what it needs to do every time a new enhancement process is started.

Having the software is one thing knowing how to use it to get the best result is another. For businesses, having an online division that handles this can be expensive. Professional photo / Image Retouching takes more technique and skill than what a simple do it yourself program can provide. Without the right skill your retouching endeavors may end up looking mediocre.

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