Image Clipping

Image masking is a process where certain parts of an image with hazy edges are removed. It is particularly applied to backgrounds especially in portraiture. With this technique you can achieve a variety of effect and enhance your image to look as great as you want it to be. With masking, the unwanted elements in your photograph are masked or that element can be rendered transparent enough to render it invisible. You can even import new images in the masked spaces. The technique requires the use of a bitmap or vector image.

Vector masking

This technique is mostly what software programs like macromedia freehand apply. It works by cropping the underlying objects that fall outside the important aspect of the image. This then creates a vector mask with a layers panel with a pen icon that indicates the creation of a bitmap mask. The mask itself becomes an image that can be clipped out of the actual image and moved elsewhere. You have the option to customize the asked object if you so desire.

Bitmap masking

Bitmap masking can be achieved by using the existing objects in an image to hide the unwanted objects. It has a lot to do with manipulating pixels to change the visibility of the objects one intends to hide.

Desktop publishing applications like Photoshop are commonly used in the process of masking or clipping images but to get the best effect, the user needs to have a firm grasp of image processing applications that include image enhancement, image manipulation and retouching. The level o difficulty in masking photos depends on the image itself as well as the level of details in the photograph. The later is particularly important because if you are going to play around with pixels, you will have to know how far you can go to ensure that the quality of you images isn’t compromised.

Adobe Photoshop allows the use of techniques that include:

  • Collage masking: a technique used to remove the entire background from a photograph
  • Complex layer masking; a method that highlights light objects like feather or smoke in the background
  • Alpha channel masking: a method used to create layers to go over images that are translucent and difficult to mask
  • Transparency masking: a technique used to remove transparent objects

Image masking might sound easy but it is hard and time consuming. You might find it necessary to create a position in your organization for professionals to work with images, better yet, to reduce your business’ overhead costs you might outsource this service. When choosing the outsourcing route, make sure that your specifications are clear and that you are dealing with a company that not only has competent people but also a company that has DTP options on hand should Photoshop prove to be inadequate.

Image masking is often put together with photo clipping but these two processes employ different techniques. With photo clipping you need to create a non-printing line that encloses one or several spots on an image. You need to create a path to mark the area that needs to be deleted or isolated from your image. It can be easy with images that have distinct straight edges and time consuming for complex images.

Steps involved in clipping an image

  • Selection
  • Uploading
  • Clipping by creating a path

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