Global Real Images offers a wide range of image editing services that are not only superior but also competitively priced. In order to render the best services to our clients, we have established working relationships with reputable, remote studios, freelance photographers and digital image creators all over the world.

We offer a variety of pricing structures depending on the complexity of the project and the time it takes to deliver a perfect image. We review every image editing request and initiate a dialogue with the customer to ensure that we are fully aware o the needs and the desired results.

The price we quote on a project is based on complexity and time but we are always mindful that clients might have budgetary constraints and will prioritize our work so that it stays within budget.

Pricing Structure for different services:

Image Clipping Services
  • Minimum of ¢30 for simple editing and
  • Minimum of $1.5 for complex images
Portrait Editing services
  • Minimum of ¢35 for simple images
  • Minimum of $1.5 for complex work
Real Estate image editing
  • Minimum of ¢50 for Stills
  • Minimum of ¢80 for HDR work
  • Minimum of =µ$1.5 for Panoramic images
We offer the following services
  • Panorama 3600 stitching
  • Photo Restoration
  • Image Manipulations
  • Sky Replacement Services in real estate photographs
  • 3600 image light spin – Stop motion capture editing
  • Image Enhancement
  • Image Masking / Clipping
  • Image Re-touching
  • Image Conversion / Tracing
  • Image Cleaning and Cloning
  • Image Colorization
  • Image Watermark / Signature
  • Image Stitching
  • Image Restoration
  • 2D Design / 3D Design

Note: these prices may vary depending on the expertise and skills that are required. There are special discounts offered for bulk work.

Competitive pricing structure

We offer competitively priced packages based on time spent. Simple editing projects that do not take up too much time and are not as complex are charged at a minimum. As laid out above, the bare minimum prices are super low but they are only meant to be indicative. we understand that different people will have different needs and therefore prices will vary according to those needs.

We are also aware of how competitive the image editing industry and its subfields are. This often means that there are a lot of service providers whose only competitive edge is based on the price instead of quality. Our prices might be low but the quality of the work we produce is high because we are passionate about the image editing industry and also passionate about making the services we offer accessible to everyone. Because we live in a world connected by the Internet, we can offer our services to the entire globe, which means that, we have saved on overhead-costs by operating aeffective/virtual business. The costs we’ve trimmed out by working smart give room for us to spread the savings for our customers to be charged less.

Our process

Everything begins with the image. Customers can upload or email images for review. The customer is then required to specify what he or she wants to achieve with the image provided. At this point we can evaluate what programs we will need to use to create the image our customer want to achieve. We might make recommendations here and there which the customer is not obliged to incorporate.

The initial evaluation is free and a quote can be generates within 48 hours of receiving a request via email or from information you provide in our request a quote form on our website. When requesting information or quotes make sure that the information provided is accurate. If you have a rush order, then you need to let us know. Prices quoted per hourly take into account the complexity of the project. If the duration is to be speeded up then not only do we need to consider complexity but having more than one person working on separate aspects of the project which will impact the final price.

Our highly skilled pool of talented individuals has the experience and expertise that help in ensuring unique, quality images. The processes we follow enable us to move from just being a disaffected service provider to being a trusted partner.

Once we have understood the client needs generated a quote move on to committing to service level agreements. When contracts have been signed we go on to deploy resources and plotting the project on project management platform that tracks the status of the project as certain tasks are completed. We provide regular reports to our clients and are always on hand to discuss the project as it progresses.

Customer service

Customer service is an important aspect in our industry. We value our customers and provide added state-of-the-art information security system as well as assurance that there are no infringements on the copyrights customers hold for their images.

Our contact form is not only meant to get quotations but it is also a way forcustomers to ask questions and find whatever information they might need. We offer expert advice and reliable sources of information on image editing. Our clients are spread across the entire globe, which means we are always in tune with popular trends in the industry in different continents across the globe. We might be Indian based but we have a global reach. We are always focused on delivering maximum value for our customers wherever they might be. Take advantage of our focused approach, expertise, and attention to detail, customer centric work ethic and quality workmanship by filling the request for quotation form.

Pricing Disclaimer

We at Global Real Images strive to ensure that the information contained in our website is current and continuously updated. Customers who visit the site and in particular the pricing structure page should be aware that the prices are indicative. No project is ever the same as every other project and customer goals vary which means that prices will vary. The best way to get correct pricing is to send a request for a quote. We will work out the various factors like the resources needed, the skills and technical requirements required to fulfill the terms of contract in a timely fashion.

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