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Global Real Images is one of the leading real estate imaging companies in the world. We have a team of highly skilled graphic designers who have extensive experience in creating dynamic and awe inspiring images for the real estate industry.

We pride ourselves for the quality of work we are able to produce regardless of how tight the delivery schedule is. Our clients can be assured of images that are not just retouched but enhanced to showcase the best features that clients need to highlight.

Global Real Images produce creative real estate portfolios for property agents and real estate dealers to be used in showcasing property to look appealing to anyone looking to buy or lease property.

A great picture might be worth a thousand words but with the right photo editing that goes beyond, cropping and coloring; it can boost a property values and elevate an agent’s reputation in the industry. With the right software and enough creativity every picture can be manipulated to highlight the best features and when it comes to creativity Global Real Images has no virtual limits. We create images that are not only worth more than words but take creativity to new heights.

Real Estate imaging services on offer

1.Services To Enhance Stills
  • Contrast enhancement
  • Adjustment of levels and curves
  • Adjustment of the Whiteness
  • Adjustments of under exposure as well as overexposure
  • General color adjustments and balancing
  • Lens correction
  • Under & over exposures Adjustments
  • Animation and More…
2.Services to enhance HDR still
  • Resizing of the image
  • Correcting Perspective and Blending Multiple Exposures
  • Adjusting Whiteness and brightness
  • Creating or replacing backgrounds
  • Reduction of noise or grains
  • Retaining details between Highlights and Shadows
  • 360° Panorama Stitching Services
  • Enabling Virtual Tour Services on client sites

Services that go beyond cropping and enlarging images

Services that go beyond cropping and enlarging images

Once an image is taken there is very little that an ordinary camera can do, however when images come out Blurred Global Real Images can edit images to be clearer, shaper and brighter.

Adjusting Curves & levels

Adjusting curves and levels involves using control point on an image to adjust the contrast and brightness between the tonal spectrums in an image.

Adjusting White balance

Color can invoke certain feelings, which is why it is important to have the color of images balanced out. The process of balancing color also helps to compensate for the light effects during the initial stages of shooting.

Lens correction:

When the camera lens is placed correctly, it can affect the appearance of blemishes. Global Real Images graphic designers can assist clients with the proper lens adjustment needed to create the desired effect.

Making under & over exposures Adjustments:

The camera lens and shutter speed affect the brightness of an image. To correct over or underexposure in images we use the latest software in the market like Photoshop.

Animating interiors and furniture:

Animating interiors and furniture:

Brightening shadows highlights:

If you are serious about presenting real estate in the best possible way, then you should do away with faded pictures. Most people struggle with getting the right balance between color, contrast and brightness our company can help you get the right balance by creating shaper images and highlighting and brightening spaces to make them stand out.

Adjusting Sky color:

Ordinary cameras always have problems with taking pictures of the sky whether it is clear and blue or grey. We at Global Real Images have perfected the art of capturing blue skies with wispy clouds floating by or grey skies with clouds heavily laden with rain. When people complain about the difficulty of taking pictures in the sun or in any condition we have perfected taking images of the sky and enhancing the pictures to look great as a backdrop to the real estate house being featured. We use software that can perfect colors and contrasts to produce images that are worthy of being called artistic.

Reducing Noise or grains

Images can be adversely affected by the overuse of highlighting, brightening and color enhancement tools. Most graphic designers tend to go overboard when manipulating images and can cause the appearance of unwanted noise and grains. At Global Real Images, grains on images can be removed to produce a clearer and sharper image that follows to the needs of the customer.

Enlarging and cropping images:

Image cropping and enlarging are two features that can easily be done by inexperienced novices but often times, the end result is not as polished as it should be. For professional photos, real estate agents should look at professional editing tools or software. There are so many products that make claims that they can turn anyone into a great photo editor in a couple of hours. However, even if a customer gets lost in the do-it -yourself manual the product product can never surpass the images edited by a professional.

Color Schemes

Global Real Images has a team of expert graphic designers who can take any image from being drab to being fabulous. To do this we use color scheme techniques to substitute drab colors with brighter colors. We can remove the drab and reimagine the image to make it more attractive and engaging.

Addressing imperfect edges:

Some cameras can produce sharp images but a camera is an inanimate object that has to be operated by someone who (hopefully) understands angles and has an eye for real-estate imagery. Translating the image from what was shot into something that needs to be printed brings forth issues of making sure that there are no sharp edges and pixilation. Our graphic designers have the tools to smooth out jagged edges whilst improving the overall quality and appeal of the image itself.

Using watermarks for security reasons

Global Real Images graphic designers can insert transparent watermarks on images. We understand the need to keep your images safe from people who might want to use them without getting proper consent from the real estate agent.

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